Why Renamag is different

The Bio-availability and reduced laxative effect with renamag are due to the way it digests.

  • Most magnesium reacts with stomach acid to form what is called a Hydration Shell. This hydration shell is what causes the laxative effect found with most magnesium.

    Due to the structure of Renamag, it is resistant to forming the Hydration Shell in the acidic enviornment of the stomach.

  • Most magnesiums in the dissolved state after being exposed to the acidic environment in the stomach have an extreme atrraction to water. The magnesium becomes surrounded in water in what is called a hydration shell.

  • The addition of the hydration shell can cause the compound to become 400X larger than the non-hydrated magnesium. The large compound now has reduced bioavailability due to its size being too large to pass through the intestinal wall and into the blood.

    The bound water in the hydration shell is what causes the laxative effect of most magnesium.

  • The structure of Renamag allows it to better survive the acidic environment of the stomach without binding to water.

  • The magnesium with the hydration shell is now a larger molecule that has less bioavalability. The compound has a harder time crossing the intestinal wall to be absorbed and utilized for physical function. The molecule with bound water also has the common laxative side effect that most magnesium has.

    Renamag is still unbound to water in the small intestine and can more easilty pass through the intestinal wall and into the bloodstream.

  • With most magnesium supplementation, the common laxative effect not only distrupts daily life, but also causes reduced absorbtion which can lead to low magnesium.

  • Renamag may be a therapeutic option to treat low magnesium levels without the common laxative effect.

    Renamag may improve daily quality of life. More importantly, Renamag may end the negative and sometime dangerous symptoms associated with low magnesium.

Renamag 425mg.

Renamag 425mg capsules. A dose of Renamag 425 mg is two capsules which offer 100mg elemental magnesium .

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Renamag may not be appropriate for you in the following situations.

  • If you have a GFR <30ml/min
  • If you have elevated phosphorus also called hyperphosphatemia. This is because Renamag contains phosphate.

Symptoms of low magnesium

Low magnesium levels can have varied signs and symptoms. These signs and symptoms can be neuromuscular, cardiovascular and behavioral.

Neuromuscular symptoms may include:


Muscle Weakness



Tetany (involuntary muscle movement or contraction)

Ataxia (loss of coordination)

Cardiovascular symptoms may include:

Heart Arrhythmia

Reduced cardiac output or a weakend heart beat

Behavioral symptoms may include: